GogolFest in Dnipro: 5,000 visitors and tubes that became an opera

In September 2021, Dnipro hosted the international festival of contemporary art GogolFest for the third time.

Local communications and information support were entrusted to the PRoector team.

What did we do?

Step 1: Talked about the importance of the event through the local opinion makers.

We conveyed the idea that the mission of the festival is to creatively rethink “marginalized” objects in various Ukrainian cities in such a way so as to launch social processes for their revival.

Step 2: Talked about the festival through 26 of the most popular restaurants, bars and cafes.

Step 3: Started talking about the event with thee help of the performance – Mykola Gogol was out there, getting acquainted with the citizens, taking a joint selfie and telling about the festival.

Step 4: Talked through the national media.

For each of the publications (Left Bank, New Time, etc.), we developed our own info drives that did not interfere with others in order to give them the originality of the material and increase the likelihood of their coverage of the event.

  • 35 national and local media
  • 40 opinion leaders
  • 26 restaurants, cafes and bars
  • 150 students of the 4 largest universities of the city
  • 500 tickets for the Grand Event “Tru” were sold out in the first 3 days
  • in total, the festival was attended by about 5,000 people
  • the total media coverage of the event was more than 17 million across the country!