Kostya Krasnov + PRoector = merch that becomes a body armor

This is the story of the most moving merch in the world.

Its author is Kostya Krasnov from Dnipro, a talented young man with autism.

It all started with the fact that in February his beloved uncle went as volunteer to a checkpoint in Donetsk. And he left as he was, wearing the same clothes. And the guy decided to draw eco-bags
until he collects money for body armor.

And when he succeeded, he continued to collect his bags to protect his colleagues.

First, our team joined to help raise awareness.

In the first week, as we told Kostya’s story, 250 bags were sold and he was able to buy 15 body armors.

To fulfill all orders, the cool boy worked day and night. Then we decided to help him expand the production.

To do this, the PRoector team digitized all his drawings and developed a merch.

Here are the mainstream hoodie with Javelin Cat, and sweatshirts with Dream, and T-shirts with Cat Paratrooper, and notebooks with Kitty-protector, and cups with the Knight of the Homeland defence, and bags with the Ghost of Kiev.

And all of the income from the sales will continue to go to the protection for those who protect us.