Turned the local citizens into baristas for “Cikava Kava” (which in Ukrainian means interesting coffee)

It happens that a company that is dedicated to roasting incredible farm coffee and is able to set up “its own coffee shop” in any office for the price of 2 packs of coffee is hidden in a place where it is not easy to find.

So how do you get to know the city’s coffee lovers in less than a month? Also, how can you make them talk about the coffee shop and recommend it to others?


Well, invite them to the coffee shop to work as baristas!

And go on a big trip through the city offices with coffee tastings and fascinating stories from coffee farmers.

In the first month, more than 50 lawyers, bankers, doctors, TV presenters, and marketers enthusiastically rushed to conquer a completely new profession.

And then they invited their friends to taste coffee, made by themselves as real baristas.

What’s more, all the money raised for 1 hour of work, according to the rules of the challenge, were invested in a social project, which they considered most important. It could be anything from an animal shelter to an air monitoring station in the city or surgery for a seriously ill child.

48,000 hryvnias were collected during the month in total.


In the first month, future baristas made around 325 posts and stories about the campaign on their social networks.

In total, this is about 15,000 reactions, 450 reposts, 1,813 comments and 200,000 user coverage per month.

15 “baristas” invited Cikava Kava to their companies as a coffee “contractor”.

The action was covered free of charge by almost all regional mass media (Channel 11, Channel 9, Open TV channel, Public TV, Informant, Gorod.dp.ua, 056.ua) free of charge.

The total media coverage was more than 500,000 people.

And all we did was just give an idea that was IMPOSSIBLE not to share.

Visual upgrade

Then the campaigh inspired us to rethink the packaging of Cikava Kava.
Impressed by Maria Prymachenko’s naivete, our designer Marianna Stanislavska placed the inhabitants of a fictional coffee forest on the coffee packs: a mystical hare, a giant bumblebee and a pensive moon that illuminates this forest from above.
And the main image is the heart through which coffee sprouts sprouted. It’s the symbol of the fact that everything that Dmitry and Tatiana do, is done with a huge heart.

Coffee tastings by city companies

We also went to the city’s companies with interesting farming stories and coffee tastings.
Our goal was to dispel the stereotype that arranging a coffee corner with the freshest farm coffee in the office is expensive and unreasonable.
So, we went to a bank, an advertising manufacturer, a beauty salon, a children’s movie center, an IT company and a Kayak Club, where they poured coffee right on the kayaks on the beach.
Impressed by what they saw, 5 out of 7 companies we visited, immediately became corporate clients.