300 entrepreneurs were sent to study at 50 top industries
About School


The School of Brand Ambassadors is an important socio-economic project which has united more than 350 owners, managers and marketing directors of the companies in Dnipro with 50 most powerful and most progressive enterprises.


To open such examples of Ukrainian giants to small and medium-sized businesses industries so that it would inspire them for their own transformations.

And as a consequence – to improve the national economy as a whole.


For 1 week a group of business owners, managers, marketers go to the backstage  of the 5 most progressive enterprises of  Dnipro and the country to learn from them how to make everyone fall in love with your brand.

In previous schools we have already visited such enterprises as Interpipe, Work.ua, Biosphere, Kyivstar, PrivatBank, COMFY, Axor Industry, Spetztekhosnastka Ltd, Sadi Dnipro, Alef Estate, Dniprovazhmash, Preform Plant, ABM Technology, Art Metal Furniture and many others.

Classes take place on weekdays from 18.30 to 20.30.

One evening = one visit to the company.

Course = 7 classes.  In the end – brut networking.

Information support



The event is covered in the publications of “Informator”, gorod.dp.ua, in social networks and on the personal pages of the participants of the School – owners and managers.



Target audience

80% are small and medium business owners, 20% are marketing and PR managers.

Thus, among our graduates there’s the “author” of the largest Ukrainian water park and  founder of the MurMur Bar restaurant chain, Strasse, Bank, director of the National Health Service of Ukraine and co-founder of Concord bank, owners of textile, jewelry, glass, furniture business, security business, building materials,manufacturers of hoods for manicure rooms, roofing materials, etc.

As well as marketing managers of the companies Zlagoda, Alef Estate, Noosphere, network of Prostor, Citrus, Comfy, Yalantis, Soft Serve, etc.

What is brand evangelism?

This is such an advanced form of word-of-mouth marketing when companies are developing in their customers  such a strong belief in a feature / specificity of a product or service that evangelical clients sincerely and with no financial interest recommend others to buy and use a product.

And so, going to the most successful companies in the country, we want to know from theirowners and managers, how to make everyone talk about your company.