Chinese New Year: for the first time in the history of the Dnipro to open a cultural portal to Asia

In December, the client of our pr-agency was the restaurant of Asian cuisine Kastrulka utuga varit ris.

PRoector proposed his team to open the first cultural portal to Asia in  Dnipro and spend the Chinese New year for the first time in its history.

What did we do?

Together we created a project to transform the  Baricadna central street to Chinatown, and then began to look for everyone who represents Chinese culture in any way in Dnipro- through language programs, universities,combat schools, Asian institutions, etc.

We even involved almost all of the 60 members of the Chinese diaspora living in our city.  Someone worked as a chef for the Tea Food Court, someone was a show model, and someone was in charge of a calligraphy master class.

It was important to achieve not just a bright exterior decoration, but to immerse Dnipro in the authentic cultural context.


Over the course of 2 weeks we received almost 6,000 registrations and attracted 23 cultural locations throughout the whole city.

2,500 red lanterns, a dragon living on the roof, a real tangerine tree, constructed arches – it took us 2 weeks collecting structures and 3 days of installation to transform Baricadna Street into Chinatown, where during these 2 days the locals could:

  • learn the language, calligraphy, martial arts of taijiquan and wushu
  • practice qigong
  • learn about the history, space mission and even contemporary art of China
  • try painting Qi Baishi
  • watch the xiqu theatre
  • evaluate modern street fashion
  • taste fried caterpillars and drink midzuvari
  • expel the Evil Nian from the city with a loud drumbeat
  • make a wish on a tangerine tree

And with the help of partners around the city, we turned Dnipro into a mini version of Shanghai – with street dumpling battles, sitsiu theater, martial arts, chinese street style fashion, graphics, imperial tea ceremony, history and philosophy.

Watch the video here: Youtub

  • Restaurant Kastrulka Utuga Varit Ris
  • PR-agency PRoector

Dnipro City Council
The cultural capital  KUST