Development of a promo for the Liberta glass factory

From the first days of the war, the PR-agency PRoector began a series of stories about Ukrainian businesses that had completely transformed their activities for the sake of Ukraine’s victory in the war.

Our heroes included: the owner of the printing house, who had  turned it into a shop for sewing mats; the studio of bags, which had become the production of bulletproof vests and even a design studio, which had turned into factory sewing uniforms for defenders.

In total, we integrated the 15 stories into all local and national media receiving 13,340,000 views across the country and set an example for many entrepreneurs to follow.

You can see everything on the PRoector Instagram page.

One of such companies is the Liberta glass factory, for which we have developed a promo.

The task was to create presentation materials to acquaint the company with the new audience during public speeches and to submit the materials for participation in state competitions.

The result is in this  film.

You can also see the massive chronology of the company’s development and transformation, gathered in a concise presentation.